Level Access Bathrooms

The Brighton Bathroom Company offer luxury level access bathroom solutions with individual mobility needs at the heart of the design

If you have a physical disability which limits your movement, you use a wheelchair, walking frame, or walking stick, or you have any disability restricting your ability to use standard bathing facilities, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of a luxury bathroom. We can design, supply and install appropriately adapted luxurious bathrooms to help make your everyday life that little bit easier. Our bespoke level access bathrooms not only look beautiful, they are perfectly designed to suit your mobility needs.

A luxury level access bathroom designed with you in mind

We work closely with you and your family to create a bathroom that will make your everyday bathroom needs as effortless as they can be. If you find even the smallest step impossible, don’t worry. With our level access bathrooms, all of your mobility needs will be kept at the heart of the design. Our fully project-managed service will ensure you get exactly the specialist bathroom you need with the minimum possible disruption.

From level access showers with anti-scald devices and easy-to-use controls, to shower seating options, grab rails, lever taps, and raised-height WCs, we can incorporate all of these adaptions to give you a bathroom you feel safe in and find easy to use. We promise we will find a perfect bathroom solution to suit your needs, but we won’t compromise on luxurious design features so you also get a bathroom to suit your style tastes and your home.

A beautiful bathroom fitted with everything you need

Our vast range of designer level access bathrooms use only the best quality furniture from the stockists and brands we trust. Whatever your design needs and style preferences, whether you prefer a contemporary design, require a spacious bathroom suitable for wheelchair access, or would like a traditional bathroom with specially adapted features, we will work with you to create a truly unique bathroom that not only functions well it looks beautiful too.

A safe bathroom helping you to live independently

When it comes to adapting a bathroom for disabled users, there are so many options. Our designers are experts in working with mobility restrictions to overcome the everyday problems of using a bathroom. We have proven solutions and we use cutting-edge products to bring you a bathroom with specially adapted features and a luxurious hotel-feel. All of our designs are practical and safe, but we never compromise on quality or style.

If you are in a wheelchair or have difficulty stepping up into a shower or a bath, we can create a level access wetroom to allow you to access the room and everything in it with ease. We can match the height of the bathroom suite to the height of your wheelchair and ensure all measurements are compatible with your mobility. We want you to get the maximum benefit out of the bathroom we design for you.

We can install large showers to help you move freely, or we can transform your bathroom space into an elegant wetroom to make everyday use a lot easier. Safety rails and handles can be installed wherever you might need them, including alongside the bath and toilet to help you move around safely and comfortably.

While the aesthetic of the bathroom is as important to us as it is to you, your safety is also paramount. We will do everything we can to create a bathroom with the mobility support aids required to keep you safe and comply with regulations. We promise we will find a solution to allow you to live as independently as possible.

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At The Brighton Bathroom Company we have worked with many happy customers through the South East to bring them a luxury bathroom adapted for restricted mobility needs. We are always pleased to hear from anyone who is interested in having their own bathroom transformed into a bespoke haven. If you would like more information about our disabled and level access bathrooms, please contact The Brighton Bathroom Company today to speak to one of our friendly advisors.

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