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For many homes and clients, a neutral colour palette enables the bathroom design to blend with the overall colour palette of the house. This pared-back style is a great way to ensure that the décor contains a timeless element. Feature colours can then be added in the form of accessories and towels and then easily changed in the future to offer a different look. Colours such as light greys, cream, cashmere, pebble, taupe and mushroom are ideal neutral shades. A neutral palette also provides a calming atmosphere and a feeling of order that is ideal when planning a bathroom to relax in at the end of a busy day.

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Why Choose a Neutral Bathroom Space?

One of the reasons many homeowners choose to have a neutral bathroom is because it blends seamlessly with the rest of the home, no matter what style the rest of the property is designed in. Its ability to be paired with other colours and styles means that neutral-toned en-suites are a particularly popular option –especially in homes that are frequently decorated.

Due to the classic colours and white bathroom sanitaryware typically used, neutral colours are also suited to cloakrooms, as they help make a room look and feel larger, making even the smallest of spaces feel warm and inviting.

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Give Your Neutral Bathroom a Luxe Feel

A neutral-coloured bathroom will never go out of style. What this means is that you can pair premium options together to create a serene room that will stand the test of time. As a result, many high-end bathroom schemes incorporate marble – either as flooring, tiling, wall cladding or countertop surfaces. The addition of marble is a fantastic way to make the room seem more luxe, especially when a warmer shade is selected.

This can be paired with brushed gold finished taps and shower systems to help create a spa-like experience at home. For a more limited budget, marble-effect quartz surfaces offer a similar look and feel for less.

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Creating a Neutral Bathroom Design

When designing a neutral bathroom space one of the key considerations is natural light, and how this can influence the colour scheme and space. Bathrooms can often be smaller than other rooms in the house so a neutral colour palette can offer the illusion of space within the room. Design details like colour-matched shower trays in grey or stone colours can help bring the scheme together.

Lighting is very important to highlight the key design elements and provide a calming atmosphere in the bathroom. Neutral patterned tiles and timber finish vanity storage can add an element of warmth to the room and luxurious towels and the use of accessories and mirrors can layer the design and add personality to the bathroom.

Design Process

Key Design Elements

There are several key design elements to consider when creating a cohesive design for a neutral bathroom. Once the layout of the bathroom and use of space have been established, we would then look at details like tile choices, lighting, paint colours, and design detailing including mirrors, painted glass and brassware colour choices.

With tiles, natural choices for a neutral theme are large format matt or gloss porcelain and soft marble tones with feint veining. Design detailing can be created using neutral or mother-of-pearl style mosaic tiles, softly toned patterned tiles or painted back glass for shower recesses or basin splashbacks to add another layer to the design. Large mirrors can also assist in creating the illusion of space within the room, especially if you have a small bathroom.

Warmth can then be added with the use of timber tones in the form of a bathroom vanity unit. Design details like black taps, shower valves, shower enclosures, bath screens and heated towel rails can add a further layer to the design and give the bathroom a more unique design-led feeling whilst retaining a neutral base palette.

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