2022 Bathroom Design Trends


After an unusual couple of years, it’s safe to say we’ve all come to appreciate the spaces in our homes that provide respite from the stresses and strains of the outside world and the bathroom is undeniably one of them. Whether spending more time at home has encouraged you to take on new renovation projects or whether you’ve been dreaming of redesigning your bathroom for years, at The Brighton Bathroom Company, we understand that a lot of thought goes into planning and designing your new interior. And while of course, you want your bathroom to stand the test of time, looking to the latest trends and ideas can be a great place to find inspiration for your project. We’ve put together a short guide for you to explore that includes some of the trends we expect to see in 2022…


Luxurious Marble

Where last year saw us embracing charming wood accents, marble is the latest addition to the collection of natural materials gracing our bathrooms and home interiors in 2022. Marble is of course synonymous with luxury and sophistication; its intricately patterned swirling surface creates an exquisite backdrop to any bathroom. Continuing the finish seamlessly from wall to floor establishes a lavish spacious feel which is beautifully emphasised by either glamorous gold accessories or cool and contemporary black fittings. Create an on-trend space that allows the opulent marble to do the talking by opting for unfussy and minimally styled furniture and accessories.

ceiling height loft bathroom

The New Neutrals

The bathroom is a space in which to relax and escape the world and thus calming neutrals will always have a place here. Where a warming beige or clean white palette creates a spa-like ambience, the new neutrals aim to capture an even more sophisticated mood, taking inspiration from more minimal Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics. This year the new neutrals, taupe, greige and mink meet moody black accessories and natural wood finishes to establish an altogether more composed and refined vibe.

A Fusion of Contemporary & Traditional

A new approach to creating a truly luxurious yet modern space sees designers combining classical feminine touches such as delicate wallpapers, soft colour schemes and dramatic light fittings with more geometric and minimally styled contemporary furniture. The distinctive juxtaposition achieves a remarkable harmony that’s both elaborate and sumptuous as well as pure and refreshing. This contemporary vintage trend also works if you choose a statement traditional feature like a roll top bath and contrast it against more modern decorative finishes.

Neutral Colour Contemporary Bathroom

Make A Statement With Your Sink

Sometimes overlooked and often underappreciated, the bathroom sink is set to steal the show in 2022. With many manufacturers releasing new quirky sculptural designs in a range of innovative and daring colours, this year the bathroom sink is the perfect place to inject a splash of personality into your design. The colourful blue tiles positioned behind these angular and visually striking basins playfully draws attention to their attractive silhouette.

Sleek Handless Vanities

The clean lines, seamless forms and simple detailing offered by a contemporary bathroom design have been increasingly popular as they help to create a truly tranquil and calming environment in which to relax. Sleek innovative wall mounted furniture accentuates the uninterrupted floor plan making the room feel more spacious while a handleless design enhances this feeling of paired back minimalism and refinement. Handleless vanities bring a breath-taking subtle elegance to a modern bathroom space.

Bold Black Accessories

In recent years matte black fixtures and fittings have come to be associated with a trendy and youthful industrial aesthetic, however, in 2022 they cast off this role and gain a new more sophisticated lease of life. Bold black taps, shower fixtures and even crittall style shower enclosures make a stunning statement against a minimal neutral interior and work beautifully alongside natural materials including on-trend marble and characterful wood.

Seamless Shower Enclosures

Making the room feel beautifully sleek and much more open, seamless shower enclosures look great in any space. They can be a great solution in a traditional bathroom if you wish to include a practical modern shower that doesn’t detract from the overall look of your design and of course, they perfectly complement a stylish and minimal contemporary bathroom interior.


At The Brighton Bathroom Company, we’ve been designing beautiful luxurious bathrooms for years and we’ve often seen trends come and go, however, this year we’ve been blown away by the timeless and enduring nature of many of these new concepts. If you’ve been inspired by some of the ideas in this blog, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team to find out how we can make them work for you and your space. Though our showroom is unfortunately closed at this time, you can contact us via email at [email protected] or book a skype consultation now by clicking here.

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