4 Tips For Ensuring Bathroom Renovation Success


Renovating your bathroom is an exciting opportunity to elevate and transform your space into a beautiful and highly functional interior. However, if your new design is really going to live up to expectations, there are a few things we recommend addressing ahead of beginning your project. Taking the time to plan your bathroom renovation is the best way to ensure success and should leave you with a stunning result that lasts for many years to come.

At The Brighton Bathroom Company, we’ve dedicated years to working closely with clients to bring their bathroom visions to life. While your local bathroom experts should support and guide you with your project, being clear in your own mind of your goals and intentions will help your designer understand how best to maximise your space. We’ve put together a list of things to consider that should provide a great starting point for your exciting bathroom renovation project.


Consider Who Will Use Your Bathroom And How

Outlining who will use the bathroom and how will have a dramatic bearing on how your space is designed. A guest bathroom or en-suite for two may only require the basics, whereas a busy family bathroom could need extra storage, double basins and more. If you have more than one bathroom in your home, you may wish to design them with different functions in mind. For example, one might be suited to getting ready in a hurry while the other focuses on relaxation.

Consider the specific requirements of your household. Do you need somewhere to do your hair and make-up? In which case, you will need countertop space, plug sockets and a mirror. If you prefer to get changed in your bathroom, you might want to include shelves or hooks for clothes as well as a seating area. It can also be worth giving some thought to how your bathroom might function in the future. If your family might grow, you may want to include a bath, for example.

Decide On A Budget

Working to a budget doesn’t mean you can’t create a stunning bathroom interior. Deciding on your budget before getting too carried away with your design will help you make the most of your space. Planning your spending before making any purchases is the best way to ensure all the essentials are included in your design, allowing you to prioritise where you can splash out and where you should save. You might want to add a luxury tile feature wall or a statement bath, which could require saving money on other fixtures and fittings. You can draw upon the functional requirements set out in the previous step to establish a list of essential and non-essential features as your starting point.

small attic bathroom

Pay Attention To Your Space

Now you have the two main aspects of your brief figured out, you can get to grips with the space itself. The first thing to do is to accurately measure your room, making sure you include any doorways, windows and architectural features that affect the space. Sketching out your floor plan on paper allows you to experiment with different layouts and designs.

Our top tip is not to overcrowd your space. A simple and coherent layout will not only look inviting but will be much easier to use. Opting for a shower bath is a practical way to maximise your floor space and can still look luxurious.

If you’ve chosen to work with a bathroom designer, then they should be able to help you achieve a practical and stylish layout. However, understanding the potential of your space and being realistic about what you can and can’t fit into the room will make the conversation a little easier.

Bear in mind that rearranging your existing plumbing will significantly add to the cost of your project. Sometimes small changes can make a big impact on your space.

Find Design Inspiration

Bathrooms might serve a crucial practical function, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still look fantastic. There are so many beautiful and exciting options for transforming your space, taking some time to soak up inspiration before making any firm decisions about your design is a must.

As well as deciding on a colour scheme, you will need to choose whether to go for a modern or traditional bathroom style. The sleek, clean lines of a modern bathroom lend themselves perfectly to more compact spaces, creating a gorgeous spa-like ambience. Traditional bathrooms are ideal for those looking to create a more lavish and intricate design. You can find great inspiration for your project by clicking here to view some of our stunning bespoke real-life bathroom projects.


Establishing a clear brief and taking the time to research and consider the different options available will stand you in good stead when it comes to achieving a practical and stylish bathroom design.

At The Brighton Bathroom Company, we go to great lengths to ensure that each of our beautiful unique designs are perfectly tailored to suit our client’s lifestyle and taste. Finding a bespoke solution that complements your individual requirements is the key to creating a wonderful bathroom that stands the test of time.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help with your project, please get in touch with our knowledgeable team by calling 01444 647 800 or emailing [email protected].