8 Inspiring Bathroom Tile Ideas

Tiles are undeniably a mainstay of bathroom design, from protecting our walls to covering our floors they provide a popular and practical bathroom solution. But while they serve a functional purpose, this doesn’t mean they can’t be used to embrace your creativity and achieve a stunning looking interior. At The Brighton Bathroom Company, we strive to create spectacular bathrooms that take your space to the next level and we love utilising bathroom tiles in our designs. To give you some inspiration on how you can use tiles in your space, we’ve put together a list of ideas for you to explore.


Unite Your Space

Tiles aren’t just a great way to add personality, character and colour to your space, they can also help to visually tie your design and the layout of your room together. The bathroom is usually naturally divided by the sink, bath and shower, and using decorative tiling in these areas will help establish a cohesive look. You can be as subtle or as bold as you like with your choice of colour and pattern. Below we’ve united the bath and sink in this spacious interior by introducing understated geometric tiles on the sink splashback and behind the bath. The soft palette tones in with the grey colour scheme to bring elegant and understated detailing to the space.

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Make It A Feature

At the other end of the spectrum, you can also use tiles to create a bold design statement that contrasts with the rest of your interior such as a vibrantly coloured feature wall. As a primarily functional space, bathrooms can sometimes be at risk of looking a little bland, a tiled feature wall is a great way to add colour, texture and personality to your space. Opting to position tiles on just one wall will create a stunning focal point to your bathroom.

Experiment With Colour

Another way to inject a touch of colour into your bathroom design is with half-height wall tiling. Similar to the single feature wall, half tiled walls allow you to bring bold colour into your space without overwhelming the whole room. This design is ideal for more traditionally styled interiors, giving the effect of classic wainscot panelling. In the bathroom below we have chosen the same colour for the free-standing bath and the tiles to create a look that’s confident but still sophisticated and elegant.

Keep It Modern & Monochrome

Bathroom tiles don’t have to be bright and colourful. Opt for white tiles and choose a stylish shape to help bring focus to the pattern of your design. Square tiles are a popular choice with our clients who want to establish an on-trend contemporary look. Enhance the modern and monochrome feel by mirroring black grouting with stylish black fixtures and fittings.

Make A Statement

Bathroom tiles are, of course, a great way to make a real statement. Pair striking patterns with a vibrant colour choice to create a dazzling bright and playful design that’s bursting with energy and character. In our client’s stunning Hassocks bathroom, a dramatic herringbone pattern in a vivid blue hue dominates the spacious airy room making a gorgeously stylish impact. Contrasting white hexagonal tiles add further depth to the design while keeping it fresh and clean. Minimal gold fittings and accessories add a touch of luxury, ensuring this colourful space looks distinctly grown-up.

Create A Far-Flung Feel

At The Brighton Bathroom Company, we specialise in designing exceptional bespoke bathrooms for our Sussex clients, your wish is our command. We love embracing our creativity to design interiors that transport our clients to exotic dreamy locations, and bathroom tiles can provide a fantastic opportunity to enhance the character and atmosphere of your project. These breath-taking bespoke mosaic tiles beautifully complement the sumptuous stone surfaces and warm, luxurious palette to create a gorgeous Mediterranean setting. Mosaic tiles are incredibly versatile, when used sparingly they can add a little vintage charm to your design, however, here they are crucial in achieving this uniquely evocative space.

Embrace Victorian Vintage

Metro tiles are a fabulous classic choice. Available in an amazing variety of colours, they offer incredible timeless design flexibility, complementing a range of interiors from the most modern to the distinctly vintage. Here they’ve been used to authentically capture a cool and quirky Victorian retro vibe. Metro tiles look outstanding paired with traditional features like a roll-top bath, upcycled furniture and classic taps and shower fittings.

Create A Tranquil & Luxurious Retreat

Last but certainly not least, stone tiles endure in popularity and when it comes to creating a lavish yet understated bathroom retreat there’s simply no better choice. Their warm undertones and subtle natural texture create a soothing ambience that’s beautifully complemented by candles and soft glowing lighting. Continue your stone tiles from wall to floor to establish a seamlessly spacious, clean and calming look that’s absolutely perfect for ultimate relaxation.


At The Brighton Bathroom Company, we’re experts in designing and installing gorgeous luxury bathroom interiors. If you’d like to find out more about using tiles to bring your new bathroom to life or you’d like to discuss how we can help with your project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing [email protected] or click here to book a virtual design consultation.

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