9 Ingenious Small Bathroom Solutions


Small bathrooms are not uncommon, and here at The Brighton Bathroom Company, we often work with compact spaces as well as larger rooms. Just because your bathroom is smaller in size doesn’t mean you have to compromise on looks or functionality. There are a variety of luxurious creative solutions that can not only make your space appear bigger but will also bring impressive style to your design.

Renovating your bathroom is a significant undertaking and at The Brighton Bathroom Company, our expert team is dedicated to helping you achieve a beautiful, practical and long-lasting interior regardless of the size of your room. We’re committed to working closely with our clients and supporting them step by step to design and install a stunning bespoke bathroom. To share some of our brilliant ideas on how you can achieve a sophisticated clutter-free interior and to give you inspiration for your project, we’ve put together a list of our top 9 small bathroom design solutions.


Make An Impact

Just because your bathroom is small doesn’t mean you should be afraid to embrace a dramatic design that complements the rest of your home and captures your personality. A bold design with strong colours, intricate patterns and striking features delivers a big impact, distracting the eye from the scale of the room. Small tentative features will only serve to accentuate the proportions of the space. If you don’t feel brave enough to flood your whole bathroom with colour, then a feature wall is a great way to add depth and personality to your room. The classic deep green subway tiles, dark accents and large contemporary mirror below make a stunning statement.

Keep It Light & bright

Dark and moody drama isn’t for everyone and a bright and airy colour scheme is a tried and tested technique to making a room appear open and spacious. Warm neutral tones are perfect for a luxurious and tranquil bathroom, achieving a gorgeous spa-like ambience despite the size of the room. We advise treading carefully when it comes to the all-white bathroom, as it can leave a space feeling stark and washed out. Soft accent colours, wood surfaces and natural textures can all help to add character and depth to an all-white bathroom design.

Go Bold With Your Flooring

You might think including an elaborate pattern in a small bathroom is another feature to avoid, however, choosing a stylish patterned or mosaic floor is a wonderful way to bring a small space to life. Just like a dramatic feature wall, a gorgeous decorative floor can provide a fantastic starting point upon which to base the rest of your design.

Create A Seamless Finish

If you prefer a more understated look then consider maximising your space with a clever optical illusion. Continuing your tiles from your walls to your floor creates a seamless streamlined effect that immediately makes the room look bigger. Luxurious large format stone or marble tiles are the ideal choices for achieving a sleek and sophisticated minimal look.

Opt For Sleek Fixtures

Whether you choose to make a statement or prefer something more subtle, in a small bathroom it can be best to opt for neat fittings and fixtures that won’t interrupt the key elements of your design. While they might be in keeping with your interior, overly detailed classic fixtures can make your space feel cluttered. The clean lines and smooth forms of modern taps, showers and sanitaryware will let your stunning design do the talking.

One of the most popular features in both our small and more spacious bathrooms is the seamless shower enclosure. With a frameless glass panel and a shower tray mounted flush with the floor, a minimal modern shower enclosure looks almost invisible in the space creating a sleek and stylish finish.

Keep The Floor Clear

Another trick to making your bathroom appear more spacious is to keep your floor as clear as possible. This will visually accentuate the area of your room, making it feel uncluttered and open. Wall-hung vanities, basins and toilets are the ideal solutions, with wall-mounted vanities offering the added benefit of extra storage. 

Add Smart Storage Shelves & Niches

In any compact bathroom, the key is to use space wisely, providing plenty of clever storage to ensure your room doesn’t become messy and cluttered. Both wall-mounted mirrored cabinets and under sink vanities are great solutions to hiding toiletries out of sight. However, including some open storage in your design can create a useful and stylish spot to position toiletries and decorative items. Consider adding attractive alcoves or shelves to your bathroom to enhance your design both practically and visually.

Upsize Your Mirror

Adding a mirror is a well-known technique when it comes to making a room look and feel much bigger, and of course, in a bathroom, a mirror is an essential practical feature. To really make the most of its fantastic properties, consider extending your mirror seamlessly across a whole wall, this will help to capture as much natural light as possible as well as creating the illusion of space.

Introduce Extra Lighting

The importance of great lighting really can’t be overstated. If your bathroom is slightly more compact, then poor lighting will inevitably make the space feel dingy and claustrophobic and so you will undoubtedly want to make sure your lighting is up to scratch. Be sure to check your overhead lighting is bright enough and for additional illumination, we recommend including wall lights on either side of your mirror or integrated as below.


There are many ingenious ways to maximise a small bathroom and express your creativity with your design. At The Brighton Bathroom Company, we specialise in designing and installing truly unique bespoke bathrooms and are experts in working with all sizes and styles. If you’d like to find out how we can help bring your vision to life or to find out more about our fantastic small bathroom solutions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 01444 647800 or email [email protected].

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