Bathroom Design Ideas to Transform Your Space


At The Brighton Bathroom Company, we specialise in designing truly bespoke spaces for our design-led clients. Our award-winning designers love embracing their creativity & expert knowledge to create bathrooms like no other. To help give you some inspiration on how you can transform your own space, we’ve compiled a selection of innovative ideas and tips in this short guide. These design techniques will help to breathe life into your room and bring real character to your space.


Statement Lighting

The finishing touches are what really elevate any bathroom design to the next level. Lighting, however, is an element of the design that sometimes doesn’t get enough attention. There are endless possibilities available when it comes to lighting and the choices you make will have a profound impact on the mood & atmosphere of your bathroom.

Combining recessed downlights with statement lighting is an option that will add real dimension to your room and create a sophisticated & luxurious feel throughout your space. Positioning such lights either side of a mirror will provide both a practical & charismatic feature that works particularly well in more traditional bathrooms.

Vintage Furniture & Accessories

Another great way to add character to your bathroom is with vintage furniture and accessories. A rustic antique vanity can make a showstopping feature in both modern and traditional bathrooms. Hand-painted furniture is the perfect way to introduce texture and tone to your bathroom, adding depth & interest, whilst furniture such as baskets or trunks can provide handy storage whilst creating a quirky, unique feel.

Vintage lighting & tiles are also becoming an increasingly popular choice with our clients and can be used to great effect throughout a space for truly unique, timeless design. The vintage vanity unit, tiles and lighting have been perfectly combined in this design (below) to create a space that’s quite simply breathtaking.

Shelving Alcoves

Consider including a custom shelving alcove in your bathroom for a really personal touch. Alcoves make an ideal spot to highlight your accent colour or pattern, helping to balance the use of colour and add interest & depth to an otherwise plain wall. The bespoke attention to detail exudes quality and luxury in a subtle and elegant way. Not only does this enhance the aesthetic of the space, but it is also a perfect place to display toiletries or accessories for a practical and eye-catching feature.

Free Standing Baths

For a spectacular feature that really transformational, look no further than including a freestanding bathtub in your design. Synonymous with luxury and sophistication, it’s a feature that really is the ultimate addition to any room. Available in a range of shapes and styles which work in both large and smaller spaces, a freestanding bath will help turn your bathroom into a place that you’ll never get tired of escaping to after a long day and which will never fail to impress your guests.

Geometric Accents

Geometric details give a sophisticated, on-trend twist to a contemporary bathroom. Hexagonal and scallop-shaped tiles are increasingly popular with both our designers & clients and create a real showstopping finish with a luxe feel. Choose a vibrant or bright white colour to make a striking, sleek statement. Alternatively, introduce geometric accents with accessories such as round mirrors or innovative light fittings for a combination that oozes sophistication.

Partial Wall Colour

Introducing colour partway up the walls is the perfect compromise between a fully painted room and a plain and neutral space. Add a splash of colour to create the perfect balance of subtle and striking – the additional detail is an impactful feature with a premium feel which is full of personality. This effect can be created in several ways, with paint, traditional wainscoting or tiles. A partial wall feature is an effective way to introduce a transformative and unique colour scheme without overwhelming the space or making it feel dark which works effortlessly in both contemporary and classic bathrooms.

If you’ve been inspired by some of these incredible design ideas and would like to know more about us and how we can help with your project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts at The Brighton Bathroom Company. You can contact us now by clicking here.


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