Flooring Ideas For Your New Bathroom

The flooring you choose for your bathroom will, of course, have a huge impact on the appearance of your new space as well as how you use it. Thinking about your daily life and family requirements will allow you to consider which type of flooring works best for you. Does it need to be slip-free and easily wipeable or can you afford to have a more stylish choice that may need more care?

We’ve put together this short guide which is designed to give you some flooring-related inspiration & insights for your new bathroom, looking at different types of materials alongside how they can bring real style and personality to your space…


Wood (or wood effect)

Wooden flooring looks undeniably incredible and will bring a truly luxurious feel to any bathroom.

Practicality is key when choosing your bathroom flooring; given the use of the room, it is important to choose a material that won’t warp or be damaged by exposure to water. However, you still may want the look that is achieved by wood flooring.
Vinyl flooring is available in wood tones and textures, creating the illusion of real wood without the maintenance. Wood effect flooring in a bathroom is a great option for continuing the use of natural materials throughout your home, creating an authentic, homely look that complements a range of interior designs.


Natural Stones

A classic, hard-wearing choice for your bathroom flooring, natural stones such as polished concrete, marble or granite offer a premium look in your design. The subtle, neutral colour palettes of these stones will create a serene and clean bathroom environment that will last for years to come. Natural stones suit traditional or contemporary designs, with unique grains in some marbles and granites adding a bespoke, opulent touch to your bathroom design.

While they are durable and non-porous once sealed, many varieties of natural stone are prone to being slippery when wet, so this flooring may be more of an adult-friendly choice.


Patterned tiles

Mosaic tiles are a popular choice with many of our clients right now, they bring a touch of luxury to clean neutral spaces. Available in a huge variety of colours and patterns, mosaic tiles will create a beautiful look that brings true uniqueness to your space.

If you’re looking to make a statement in your design, mosaic tiles can achieve that in many ways. Opting for larger tiles is beneficial to a smaller space, as it will help to expand the room however smaller tiles can also be incorporated into larger bathrooms where detail is key.


Heated flooring

Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home, so it is important to make the experience enjoyable and truly luxurious. Heated flooring is a great way of bringing that spa-like atmosphere into your space, particularly during the cold winter months.

There are two variations of heated flooring: ‘wet’, where it is heated by hot water pipes underneath the floor, and ‘dry’ where electric cable is laid down. Both types of heated flooring must be installed by a professional, but they can provide functional benefits as well as being a premium touch. Wet floors dry quicker, helping to avoid dampness and it also reduces the need for radiators as your bathroom is already being kept warm. While heated flooring is an added expense in your bathroom design, it will transform the use of your space and make it completely indulgent.


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