Bathroom Organisation Ideas

At the Brighton Bathroom Company we are always striving for beautiful bathroom designs that reflect on the originality and the creativity of its owners. Using the latest in cutting edge design and technology, we work together with all our clients to ensure that they design and oversee the installation of a bathroom they can be really proud of.

When it comes to bathroom organisation, it is important to have everything you need right where you need it. Bathrooms in general tend to be quite minimalistic, however there are a whole host of accessories, tools and bits and pieces that we store in our bathrooms, so it is important to remember what we use our bathroom for!

Good, clean design is essential as nothing is more of an eyesore than a cluttered bathroom with messy shelving, full-to-bursting medicine cabinets and toilet paper that is just out of reach. With an original approach to bathroom design, choose the Brighton Bathroom Company to help you to reorganise your bathroom.

Glass Cabinets to give the illusion of extra space

In today’s modern compact home designs, often bathrooms and shower rooms can be little more than a small room under the stairs or an en suite squeezed into a cupboard, so giving the illusion of added space is essential.

Try a floor to ceiling glass partition for your shower and if you have any cupboards or cabinets, frosted glass is a beautiful design technique and also serves to ‘open up’ your bathroom, giving the illusion of a wide, open space.

Organise towels, candles, toilet roll, you name it!

Organisation is key; think about what supplies you will need and where you will be using them. Using this as a basis will help you to be creative where storage and shelf space is concerned. Decorative or rustic ladders make excellent impromptu shelves as they have several tiers and you can store toilet rolls, fresh towels and even wet towels on the rungs of the ladder. Plus it adds a little originality into your bathroom!

Make the best use of shelves, hooks and holders

Mason jars, metal buckets, hanging buckets; there are a number of beautiful little storage designs that serve to brighten up any bathroom. Why not use magnetic strips to hold all of your make up tools? Hooks and hangers don’t just serve to hold dressing gowns; if you hang a basket or a bucket from a hook you can keep toiletries and save window ledge space.

Box crates make a great use of extra shelving space and they are inexpensive and easy to modify. Simply paint them and hang them on the wall for an iconic, nautical look to your bathroom. If your door does not extend all the way to the ceiling, why not consider adding an overhead shelf where you can store cleaning equipment or spare towels to save on space?

However you may choose to design your bathroom, it is important to make it your own. Consider how you are going to use the space and then plan accordingly. Have a bit of fun! It is your home, be proud of what goes into it!

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