Benefits of a Luxury Ensuite Bathroom

Creating a dream ensuite bathroom can be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding parts of the design process.

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Ensuite Bathrooms: A Must-Have in Both New and Old Properties

For homes both old and new, designing an ensuite bathroom that complements the existing decor can be a smart way to go. Ensuites are relatively small so many homeowners tend to think carefully about how to maximise the space, but that doesn’t mean that the aesthetics and features have to be simplistic.

Rather than settling for the basic, formulaic necessities, why not indulge in a bit of luxury to give you additional comfort and flexibility to start and end each day? When designed thoughtfully, your ensuite bathroom can be a functional and gorgeous addition that enhances your quality of life. Even in new-build homes where ensuites are a little bit of a luxury, designing them methodically can pay long-term dividends.

The experts at The Brighton Bathroom Company have years of experience designing striking, high-end bathrooms for new builds and older properties across Sussex and beyond. We understand how to blend form and function, turning even the smallest bathroom spaces into spa-like retreats. Work with our team to create a custom luxury ensuite bathroom that suits your lifestyle and complements your existing interior design aesthetic.

Whether your priority is revitalising an existing ensuite bathroom or undertaking a full home renovation, you may wish to consider adding an ensuite this year. Below are just some of the benefits.

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Space and Storage

A common challenge, particularly in newly built ensuite bathrooms, is fitting adequate storage and the desired fixtures and amenities.

With some creative planning, however, you can have both.

Consider using the height of the room for vertically orientated cabinetry, shelving, and mirrors. This keeps the floor and walking areas clear while tucking necessities out of sight. Suspended or wall-mounted vanities also save space compared to bulky furniture.

The Brighton Bathroom Company can further maximise storage with customised drawers, hidden compartments, and other bespoke elements.


Soaking Tubs

Few things feel more luxurious than a long, relaxing soak in a deep bathtub after a stressful day. A Huron freestanding tub exemplifies understated elegance perfect for a contemporary coastal ensuite bathroom. Its compact yet comfortable proportions make it feasible even in newly built ensuites where space is limited.

The Brighton Bathroom Company recommends the Sara freestanding tub featuring elegant feet and sloped ends for a more traditional style. With a strategic plan and the right tub choice, you can have this special amenity into even the most compact of spaces, while giving you the luxury of having the choice of both bath and shower.

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High-End Fixtures

The fixtures you choose for your luxury ensuite make a statement as well as being inherently functional. Top-of-the-line options elevate the room’s aesthetic and deliver an ultra-luxurious impression.

For an eye-catching focal point, The Brighton Bathroom Company suggests waterfall faucets for vanities and bathtubs. These elegant fixtures put on a show with streams of cascading water. Integrated lighting behind mirrors or in display niches provides both form and function. Premium hardware, surfaces, flooring, and other details communicate cohesive luxury.


Spa Features

Going beyond the essentials, consider incorporating distinctive features that enhance your enjoyment and promote relaxation. A multi-functional shower with fixed and removable heads delivers everything from gentle mist to massaging jets.

Underfloor heating keeps bare feet cosy on chilly mornings. Express yourself with a custom art niche or display in the bathroom, while adding in subtle mood lighting and ambient sounds to let the stresses of the day out. The possibilities are endless when creating your dream luxury ensuite bathroom.

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