Choosing The Right Colour Scheme For Your Bathroom

There aren’t many things that are more important when it comes to your new bathroom than the colour scheme. The colours you choose will influence the look, the feel and the character of your new bathroom so it’s absolutely critical that you get it right.

With so many colours to choose from though, it can be difficult to know where to start. Should you opt for colours that are more bold & daring or a scheme which is somewhat more neutral and understated? We’ve put together this short blog to give you some ideas and help ensure that you pick a winning colour scheme which you’ll love for many years to come.



White will give a feeling of space to a bathroom and will even help reflect light back into the smallest of spaces. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, white can be a great choice and will help make the room feel bigger. Opting for white walls and tiles will give a sleek and minimalist look to your bathroom which will stand the test of time. Patterned wall tiles or flooring are a brilliant way to inject some colour into a white bathroom and bring a real elegant touch to the room.



Blue is very popular choice right now. Blue is versatile and can be used for both modern & more traditional bathrooms. Take a look at this blue-tiled main bathroom (below) with slipper bath and geometric flooring which our team designed and installed for a client of ours in Sussex. The blue tiles and bath tub bring real life to this bathroom without becoming overwhelming.


With positive connotations of harmony and nature, green can help to create a feel of the outdoors inside your home. The use of lighter shades of green is a fantastic way to bring a really fresh and modern feel to your bathroom whilst darker shades will create a much warmer and cosier feel which can work really well in both modern and traditional bathrooms alike.


Purple is a colour that is often overlooked by many when looking to create their perfect bathroom. It’s not to everyone’s liking, but it’s undeniably a colour that brings character to a bathroom. More subtle and understated shades of purple such as Lilac and Wisteria will help bring a calming feel to your bathroom and epitomise elegance. For those looking to achieve a much more flamboyant and bold look, darker, more vibrant shades of purple are ideal. So, whether you’re trying to achieve a modern look or want a more traditional feel to your bathroom, purple is a great choice which is really complimented by metallic fixtures and also combines well with shades of white.

Image: Quirky on Trend Family Bathroom with Bespoke Cabinet


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