Creating a Luxurious Bathroom Sanctuary


Bathrooms are so much more than just a place to get ready for the day ahead; they are one of the most important spaces when it comes to taking time out for yourself. As one of the few rooms in our home to offer complete privacy, bathrooms are the perfect environment in which to unwind and relax at the end of a long day. Setting aside time to rest contributes to our wellbeing and finding yourself a beautiful peaceful space in which to do so will transform your experience.

We’ve compiled some design ideas to help give you inspiration for creating your own luxurious bathroom sanctuary.


Minimalist Contemporary Furniture

A fantastic way to begin crafting a truly relaxing ambience is to opt for a minimal modern bathroom suite. The clean flowing lines of a contemporary design establish a sleek silhouette that’s remarkably elegant and stylish. A lack of superfluous detailing embodies a form follows function approach which in turn creates a mindful atmosphere as well as an uncluttered and restful aesthetic. A seamless glass shower enclosure will look almost invisible in the room, avoiding interruption to the flow of the design and ensuring the space feels open.

Modern wall-mounted furniture keeps your floor area unobstructed making your bathroom appear more spacious. Simple yet sophisticated bathroom furniture is a wonderful starting point for shaping a luxurious and peaceful interior.

Calming Neutral Colour Scheme

A serene and neutral yet warming colour scheme is the key to ultimate relaxation. Selecting a collection of creams, beiges or greys with warm undertones will give a gorgeous earthy character to the space making your bathroom feel inviting and helping you to feel grounded and calm. Soft neutral colours offer timeless sophistication for a bathroom that’s not only wonderfully relaxing but that will stand the test of time.

Neutral Colour Contemporary Bathroom

A Freestanding Bathtub

Nothing exudes luxury quite like a freestanding bathtub and, with an increasing variety of sizes to choose from, there is an option to suit every space. Their sculptural form makes an impactful design statement and what could be more indulgent than sinking into a deep cocoon of fragrant bubbles?

Stylish Sink Bowl

Contemporary sink bowls are a wonderful way to add a spa-like touch to your bathroom interior. Their organic, rounded, raised composition will introduce further softness and grace to your design enhancing the tranquil ambience.

Clever Storage Solutions

There’s absolutely nothing relaxing about lying in the bath and seeing a jumbled array of half-empty shampoo bottles. Smart storage solutions are essential to complement your minimal bathroom styling and sustain a calming environment. Wall-mounted sink vanities hide a multitude of clutter sins while mirrored wall cabinets are ideal for storing smaller items. Though a neat and tidy space is crucial for relaxing, displaying some ornaments and toiletries can be a stylish and luxurious way to elevate your bathroom design.

Custom alcoves and floating shelves offer the perfect opportunity to create beautifully considered decorative arrangements.

Soothing Natural Finishes

Smooth organic forms and neutral colour tones are some of the key stylistic features that contribute to creating a relaxing bathroom environment and both are primarily inspired by the natural world. You can take this concept a step further by introducing natural finishes such as wood and stone to your design. Natural textures introduce warmth and subtle detailing to your space establishing a beautiful and captivating ambience.

Modern Bathroom

Set the tone with Mood Lighting

Lighting can have a huge impact on the atmosphere of a space and thus requires careful consideration when it comes to setting the perfect tone for a gorgeous tranquil bathroom. Softly illuminating alcoves will create a calming and evocative candlelight effect. Plinth lighting below furniture or raised flooring is a stunning way to suggest the illusion of floating and gives a charming ephemeral glow. A similar gentle radiance is produced when strip lights are positioned around mirrors or wall cabinets.

The Perfect Finishing Touches

Giving careful thought to the finishing touches of your design will elevate your space from the ordinary to the spectacular. Being treated to soft fluffy linen when you get out of the shower will immediately transport you to a luxury retreat. Avoid spending money on expensive toiletries and invest in stylish dispensers that you can fill with your favourite soaps and shower gels. Lift your design with a pop of vibrant greenery. House plants add life and energy to your interior whilst preserving the nurturing atmosphere.


If you’re considering transforming your home, why not treat yourself to a gorgeous and relaxing bathroom sanctuary? There are a fantastic variety of options available to suit every budget and every space. To find out more about creating your perfect bathroom retreat please don’t hesitate to speak to our friendly design team. You can call the showroom on 01444 647800 or email [email protected].

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