Family-friendly bathrooms

One of the things we pride ourselves in doing at The Brighton Bathroom Company is creating bathrooms that work on both aesthetic and practical levels for the whole family. Often we are briefed to design family bathrooms; one room that will work for both generations of one family, that’s indulgent for the adults but still super-easy to bath the kids in. Therefore the very first consideration for a family-friendly bathroom is always practicality. Good quality fittings and furniture will withstand heavy use by a growing family, so going budget on these items may well be a false economy in the long run.

If you are lucky enough to have a large space, a two man walk-in shower will mean that you’re able to shower with your littles or get a couple washed at the same time. Do bear in mind that an ‘open’, doorless walk-in shower may not be a good idea as they may not be as careful as adults are about splashing water (!) so we generally recommend an enclosure with a door. Take a look at our quirky beach-themed bathroom in Hove for inspiration here.

Many people don’t have space for a separate shower and bath so the solution in this case is to have a shower over a bath. Installing a shower screen that folds will allow more access, as seen in our Carrara marble family bathroom with gold finishes in Brighton.

To bring a bit of fun into your family bathroom you may want to consider a painted wall. Don’t be afraid to go for something bold because it can easily be changed and grow with your family. Pictures or even a feature wallpaper in an area which won’t get splashed also look great and really personalise your space. We’ve examples of clients achieving this look with statement paper with fish quite often which looks great – take a look at our Pinterest board for images. If you are worried about water then we recommend coating it with decorator’s varnish which comes in different finishes – satin, gloss and dead flat.

When choosing a bathroom furniture range we rate Duravit’s Ketho for its durability, ergonomic design plus it comes in a range of different finishes – white, beiges, greys and wood. This range has lots of storage options including a handy mobile storage unit. Also Duravit “Darling” range comes in a good colour range to include powder blue and lime green.

We hope that this has given you some food for thought when planning your family-friendly bathroom. If you’re ready for us to start designing your perfect bathroom then give us a call to book in your free design appointment on 01444 882889.

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