Four Things To Consider For Your New Bathroom


Your bathroom should be a place that you always look forward to escaping to. A place where you can completely relax and get away from the world. Whether you’re renovating an ensuite or a large family bathroom, you’ll want a truly practical space that is also beautifully designed. 

Here at The Brighton Bathroom Company, we understand better than anyone that the process of creating your dream bathroom can be daunting. To help you on your journey, we’ve created this short guide on some of the things you may want to consider for your new space…


Statement Features

While many bathroom designs use a neutral, calming palette, statement features can also work really well. Bold wallpaper prints or tiles can bring an abundance of colour and a daring look to your space that will create real character. Statement features can be big or small depending on your personal taste, for example, opting for on-trend brass hardware or featuring brightly coloured towels will create a focal point in a neutral space. Our bathroom gallery is full of incredible projects which incorporate various types of striking statement features.


Reflective surfaces  

Reflective surfaces work well with bold, dark colour palettes and beige tones alike. Opting for gloss finishes or reflective marble countertops will help to bounce light across the room, creating the illusion of a large open space. Whether you choose to include large mirrors or sleek tiles, reflective materials are a great way of making your bathroom feel luxurious and illuminated.


Floating shelves

If your new bathrooms doesn’t require huge amounts of storage space, floating shelves and sinks create a fuss-free look that complements a contemporary bathroom design and will provide easy access to the space. Considering the use of your bathroom space will enable you to find a design that suits your needs, leaving you with simple cabinets that look sleek and smart.


Neutral palette

Neutral colour palettes are a popular choice in bathroom designs, with white and beige tones creating a serene environment to relax in. Contrasting different neutral shades will help to add subtle dimension in your design while still maintaining a bright appearance, helping to open up the room. Sticking to a clean colour palette will leave you with a timeless design that you will love for years to come whilst also giving you the option to accessorise with pops of colour to add character should to you wish to.

Quirky on Trend Family Bathroom with Bespoke Cabinet



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