How To Create A Great Guest Bathroom


Once you’ve got your own bathroom just the way you want it, your thoughts may well turn to your guest bathroom. As a space that often goes unnoticed, guest bathrooms can sometimes feel a little lacking. And while it can be tempting to keep your design as neutral as possible to cater to your guest’s tastes, this can leave your decor feeling a little bland and impersonal. To point you in the right direction and help you create an inviting and practical guest bathroom that makes your space feel like a home away from home, we’ve put together our top tips, including simple touches you can add without making any drastic changes.


Opt For Light & Airy Décor

A bright and airy bathroom always feels much cleaner and more inviting than a dark and dingy space. And so, bringing as much natural light into your guest bathroom as possible and supplementing your interior with excellent artificial lighting is a real must. Pale colours can also help reflect light, creating a spacious and fresh atmosphere.

Don’t Be Afraid To Add Pattern

While choosing a fresh and clean colour scheme is a great way to put your guests at ease in your home, this doesn’t mean avoiding colour and pattern altogether. An elegant, patterned tile feature wall or subtle wallpaper showcasing a beautiful accent colour can add a lovely touch of character to your design without overwhelming your space.

Keep The Space Clutter-Free

Guest bathrooms can come in handy when your main bathroom is in use. However, if your guest bathroom doubles up as your spare bathroom, you’ll want to make sure your belongings are neatly tidied away to ensure your guests feel welcome and have room for their things. Under-sink vanities are a great way to make use of often-overlooked space and are easy to keep organised, ensuring your surfaces stay clutter-free. Shelves, mirrored vanities and storage baskets also make great storage options.

Include Plenty Of Mirrors

Whether getting ready in the morning or preparing for an evening occasion, your guests will more than likely need to use a mirror at some point during their stay. It can be worth having a few different options so that your guests can find the perfect spot. As well as serving a crucial practical purpose, mirrors are great for making a room feel brighter and more spacious, which can be useful if your guest bathroom is more compact.

Make Space To Keep Spares

From loo roll to bath towels, having to ask your host for extras can be somewhat awkward. The best solution to avoid embarrassment is to add a shelf to keep spares on display and easily accessible, ready for your guests to help themselves. Dotting a few lovely fluffy towels around your bathroom is also a wonderful way to create a cosy and inviting feel.

Add Freestanding Furniture For Useable Storage

Whether your guests are staying for a couple of nights or a couple of weeks, they probably won’t want to unpack all their toiletries and belongings into your cabinets, especially if your storage is already in use. As well as looking wonderful, freestanding furniture pieces can make a great place to keep a toiletries bag or fresh clothes handy. Often, it’s the little, thoughtful touches like this that make all the difference.

Inject A Pop Of Colour With Houseplants

If you don’t use your guest bathroom regularly, it can lack the homely touches that you tend to bestow on the rest of your home. Simply adding a houseplant is a great way to liven up the space. A pop of verdant greenery will make your guest bathroom feel fresh and inviting.

Keep A Few Spare Essentials

Whether you save a few toiletries from your next hotel stay or buy some especially, laying out some luxurious essentials for your visitors to enjoy is a great way to make them feel welcome. Not to mention, a spare bottle of shampoo can certainly come in handy if your guests packed their suitcases in a hurry!

Introduce An Inviting Fragrance

With a space as closely related to the senses as a bathroom, it’s not just the visual features of your design that play a part in creating a lovely atmosphere. Greeting your guests with a fresh and relaxing scent will give them a wonderful first impression of your clean and relaxing bathroom.


Keeping your guest bathroom clean and clutter-free is a simple and easy way to ensure your visitors have a great experience. However, a few little homely touches and plush fluffy towels can really take your hosting skills to the next level. If you’re considering renovating your bathroom, our expert team would be delighted to discuss your ideas. You can get in touch by calling 01444 647800 or emailing [email protected].

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