Pros and Cons of Tackling a Multi-Room Property Renovation

When it comes to bathroom renovations, many homeowners face the decision of whether to renovate just one room at a time or take on multiple rooms in one larger project. For those of you who have multiple bathrooms, upgrading them to a consistent luxury design can be a helpful way to enhance your space. 

That said, it’s not always as straightforward as it appears on paper. Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages to consider. 

At The Brighton Bathroom Company, we often work with customers in Sussex and the Southeast of England on full multi-room property renovations, including full bathroom refurbishments and redesigns of multiple bathrooms. From our experience, here are some of the key pros and cons to factor in if you’re considering this soon.

Pros of a Multi-Room Renovation

Cohesive Design 

By renovating multiple adjoining spaces at once, you can achieve a cohesive look and flow between your rooms. Design elements like colour palettes, flooring, tiles, quintessential features, architectural details, and overall styles can be seamlessly coordinated. This is especially beneficial for open-concept layouts and multi-bathroom properties, where consistency is great.

Cost Efficiencies 

While the total upfront investment is higher for a large-scale renovation project spanning multiple rooms, there are potential cost savings compared to renovating rooms separately. Material and construction costs may be lower due to economies of scale. Not only that, but you have the added perk of having to vacate the property once, rather than multiple times over.

Coordinated Timing 

Having all renovations performed concurrently by one contractor team ensures the work is properly sequenced and moves efficiently towards completion at the same time. No living through successive periods of renovation chaos.

Cons of a Multi-Room Renovation

Higher Upfront Investment 

Taking on multiple rooms at once requires a larger initial budget to cover all materials, labour, and services versus focusing on expenses room-by-room over time. Those without access to substantial cash to invest in straight away may have to try a periodic approach.

Renovation Disruption 

While contained to one timeframe, the impact of a multi-room renovation can be much more disruptive. More spaces are inaccessible until work is complete, which may require a temporary relocation, which can be challenging for larger families. 

Bigger Commitment 

Coordinating design visions and making multiple decisions for several spaces in one renovation can feel overwhelming compared to concentrating on a single room.

Why It’s Worth Pursuing a Multi-Room Renovation

For many homeowners tackling a newly built property or major renovation, the benefits of taking on multiple bathrooms and living areas together outweigh the potential drawbacks. Everybody is different and has their preferences when it comes to taking on a renovation project, and there’s no right or wrong method of execution. 

The Brighton Bathroom Company has extensive experience managing large, coordinated multi-bathroom renovation projects to minimise disruptions. Our team specialises in designing and installing stunning bathroom spaces that perfectly complement the overall renovation.

We can collaborate closely with the customer, contractors, and other trade professionals to keep the renovation on time and within budget. From the initial bathroom design consultation through construction and final installation, we oversee every detail to create unified multi-room spaces that delight. 

Don’t settle for disjointed and chaotic renovation projects; put your dream bathroom and home design vision in the hands of multi-room renovation experts who can help you achieve your vision. Get in touch to start planning your luxury bathroom design today, and request a free, no-obligation quote from one of our bathroom experts!


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