Q&A with our Head of Design, Louise Home

We are keen to share the brilliance of our talented people so here’s the first of our seriest of Q&A’s with our newly-appointed Head of Design, Louise Home.


What’s your role at TBBC and how long have you been at the company?

I am Head of Design. I’ve been with TBBC for 7 months.


What attracted you to work at TBBC?

Coming from years of designing for large bathroom companies, I liked the fact that TBBC is a locally based company and offers a very bespoke, design-led, personal service to its clients, which is something a bit different from the ‘norm’.


Where did you train to become a designer?

I have been drawing and painting since I can remember, but I originally trained in fashion illustration and theatre costume design. I first started working in bathrooms simply through being able to draw as I started in a company that only uses hand-drawn designs. I had to learn about bathrooms from scratch, but found that I really enjoyed designing this special space for people and went on to become Senior designer.

I then joined another company and trained to use CAD design which I still use now at TBBC.

I think that because I entered the bathroom industry from a design perspective I approach the process quite differently from a salesperson who has been trained to use CAD… so often the case in most bathroom retailers.


What’s your greatest career achievement to date been?

I have been a finalist for The Designer Magazine and KBB Awards a few times and had several magazine features with my bathroom designs over the years, however what really keeps me going is positive feedback from happy clients at the end of their project. I once had a client who framed my original drawing of her bathroom design which I was thrilled about!


What are you working on at the moment?

A fantastic project with bespoke cabinetry, a freestanding vintage-style bath and stunning tiling. Our client has great ideas which I’ve really enjoyed incorporating into the designs.  Keep an eye on our gallery and social media pages as it should become reality in June 2016!


Where do draw your design inspiration from?

Mainly from talking to the client, trying to understand their individual style. From products like tiles, textures, glass etc.


What would your dream project look like?

I love bathrooms that have a view and ideally if it’s possible floor to ceiling windows would mean one can shower and bath within the “elements”. A friend recently used a shower in Thailand which consisted of a shower attached to a tree surrounded by bamboo screening. I love this idea though obviously it wouldn’t work in our climate!

I like the bathroom to be a sensual spa like space and try to create this with lighting, textures and ideally for me a spot of glamour using mirrors and opulent products making this my ultimate bathroom.