Stunning Lighting Ideas To Complete Your Bathroom Design


With plumbing, tiling and furniture choices taking priority, lighting is often unfortunately overlooked when renovating a bathroom. However, lighting has the amazing potential to not only make your bathroom practical to use but also to bring a wonderful relaxing and tranquil ambience to your space.

At The Brighton Bathroom Company, we pride ourselves on creating wonderful interiors that are more than just a functional space to get ready in the morning. Every detail of your bathroom design is incredibly important to us and our team, and lighting plays an essential role in all our interiors. To give you some inspiration on how you can get the most from your space, we’ve put together this article exploring a range of beautiful, considered lighting ideas


Practical Downlights

Downlights are a great place to start when redesigning your bathroom. They create a fantastic base level of overall lighting which ensures you’ve covered your practical needs straight away. They are perfect for larger bathrooms as they can be spaced across the ceiling to illuminate key areas of the room, for example, your bath/shower area. Unlike other forms of lighting, downlights are safe for installing around wet areas, hence why they are such a popular choice. However, while they make an ideal starting point, your bathroom lighting certainly shouldn’t stop here! The minimal recessed design of sleek downlights allows you to introduce additional more stylish accent lighting to your space.

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Beautifully Illuminated Mirrors

Once you’ve got your key ambient lighting planned out, you can start exploring other opportunities to enhance your design. Lighting around your mirrors serves an important practical function, but it also presents a fantastic chance to further develop the style of your interior. These quirky vintage wall lights pair beautifully with the reclaimed wood vanity and classic Victorian-style metro tiles, bringing a cohesive and bespoke finish to the design. Bathroom lighting can undeniably be stylish as well as practical.  

Elegant Ceiling Pendant Lights

Ceiling pendant lights are a great way to add a luxurious dimension to your space while accentuating your stunning bathroom design. They tend to work best in a more spacious bathroom where they have plenty of room to make an impact. The exquisite globe chandelier in this deluxe master bathroom makes an impressive design statement, giving a truly sophisticated final flourish to the interior. Pendant lights can contribute to the brightness of the space as well as looking opulent and elegant.

Pendant lights can also be positioned to draw attention to specific areas of your bathroom such as this stylish duo of contemporary wall-hung basins. This on-trend contemporary geometric pendant light creates an attractive vignette within the space, adding interest and character to the design. Considered details such as this will immediately elevate and enhance your bathroom.

Dramatic Platform Lights

Situating a freestanding bathtub atop a bespoke raised platform will bring a wonderful spa-like ambience to your space. Integrating lighting within the plinth is the perfect way to take this look to the next level. Adding lights to your bath platform will undeniably create a sense of drama and elegance, however, they can also act as a hidden safety feature, ensuring you don’t trip up on the ledge when moving around the room. Likewise, low-level lighting that illuminates the floor space is ideal when using your bathroom late at night.

Under Vanity Lights

Under vanity lighting establishes a similar effect to plinth lighting. The soft warm glow creates a luxurious tranquil atmosphere that’s ideal for setting a relaxing mood as you enjoy soaking away in the bath after a long and stressful day. This lighting works beautifully in this contemporary environment, perfectly complementing the warm nature-inspired colour scheme. These little details are the ideal way to give your bathroom that extra-special bespoke touch.

Show-Stopping Shower Niches

Including lighting in your shower niches will surround your favourite toiletries or ornaments with a beautiful warm glow. Choosing a contrasting decorative tile as well as introducing gorgeous lighting will draw attention to this stylish bespoke bathroom feature.

Emphasise Your Artwork

The potential to enhance your space with beautiful lighting is almost never-ending. You can even create lighting around your bathroom artwork, transforming a simple canvas into a breath-taking statement piece. Positioning lighting behind artwork or mirrors will make them stand out from the wall, elevating them from a simple feature into a luxurious bespoke detail. This warm low-level lighting is perfect for accentuating the more vibrant colours within your design.


At The Brighton Bathroom Company, we go above and beyond to create spaces that transport our clients into their own personal oasis of calm and relaxation. No detail is overlooked in our pursuit of perfection. If you’d like to know more about our bathroom lighting options or to find exactly how we can help with your project, please get in touch with our team by calling 01444 647800 or emailing [email protected].