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Here at The Brighton Bathroom Company, we embrace the original and champion the different to create beautiful yet practical, truly bespoke interiors for our clients. We’re immensely passionate about what we do, and our award-winning team of designers are always keen to introduce new and exciting concepts to their work.

While we always keep our eye on the latest trends, we often find inspiration in the most unusual places, and one of the things we love to include in our stunning bathrooms is nature-inspired accents. Bringing a tranquil, cosy and wholesome touch, even the most subtle natural bathroom features can transform your space into an oasis of calm and relaxation. To give you some great ideas on how you can add natural accents to your bathroom, we’ve put together a selection of our favourite interiors for you to explore.


Beautiful Natural Colour Tones

The nature-inspired accents you choose to feature in your bathroom can be as dramatic or as subtle as you prefer. The soft olive green hue and sandy stone tiles in the design below certainly bring a warm and natural feel to the space. The understated quality of these colours and textures create a distinctly elegant and timeless spa-like interior, introducing a calming natural ambience without overwhelming the space. Evoking natural tones and textures through your choice of surface finishes is a subtle yet effective way to introduce a nature-inspired element to your design.

Touches Of Warm & Elegant Wood

Adding natural wood accents to your bathroom design is a wonderful, subtle way to bring calming warmth and character to your interior. Bathroom vanities, display shelves, stools, wall panelling, and flooring all offer a great opportunity to introduce a touch of wood to your space. The beautiful grain and rich organic colour of a natural wood accent immediately add a wholesome and serene quality to your design.

A Dramatic Feature Wall

At The Brighton Bathroom Company, we don’t shy away from making a striking and stylish statement with our designs. The show-stopping waterfall mural in the bathroom below creates a stunning backdrop to relaxing in the tub, transporting our client to a beautiful faraway destination. Fresh white walls accentuate the intensity of the image, while a natural oak vanity, soft stone tiles and contemporary pebble-shaped furniture echoes the natural scene. When it comes to introducing nature-inspired details to your bathroom, a dramatic feature wall mural is certainly a fantastic way to make an impact.

A More Subtle Nature Print Wallpaper

If you’re keen to introduce a more literal interpretation of nature to your bathroom, but going all our with a lifelike feature wall feels a little overwhelming, you might consider adding a hint of subtle and sophisticated printed wallpaper. A beautiful wallpaper gives you the freedom to feature your pattern anywhere you choose. Applying your wall covering behind a mirror, on a small wall, or in just a couple of lengths as an accent adds an elegant and understated touch of detail. A gorgeous decorative nature-inspired wallpaper makes a wonderful starting point for a stylish and cohesive colour scheme.

bespoke bathroom storage brighton

Seascape Inspired Wave Texture Wall

Having influenced artists and engineers alike for centuries, the natural world is arguably one of the most inspiring sources at our disposal. And with so many fellow designers taking nature as their starting point, there are limitless materials, furniture, and accessories to choose from to create a unique and eye-catching interior. The breath-taking iridescent wave texture tiles in this bathroom establish a luxurious and dramatic feature, reminiscent of a tumultuous seascape. This striking bathroom goes to show the impressive diversity of looks you can create with a nature-inspired design.

Pebble Effect Floor Tiles

For something a bit more playful and quirky, a pebble effect floor makes a lovely choice. Practical and stylish, a delightful pebble tiled floor really brings the outdoors in. Creating the illusion of stepping out of the bath and onto a beautiful seashore, the subtle colour and texture compliment any bathroom setting.

Lush Green Houseplants

We simply couldn’t discuss nature-inspired bathroom features without giving houseplants an honourable mention. Over the past couple of years, houseplants have undoubtedly experienced a bit of a revolution. Whether due to the rise in urban living or lockdown trends, the popularity of houseplants is certainly here to stay and at The Brighton Bathroom Company, we love the vibrant splash of verdant colour and lush texture houseplants bring to a room


Whether you decide to think outside the box or add a simple touch of greenery with a trendy houseplant, introducing nature-inspired features to your bathroom is a great way to enhance your space. Associated with calm and tranquillity, the bathroom is the perfect place to bring a touch of nature into your home. If you’d like to have a chat about your plans for a gorgeous nature-inspired bathroom, or if you have any questions about our work, please don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call on 01444 647800 or drop us an email at [email protected].

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