Tips & Ideas For Creating The Perfect Family Bathroom


Creating a fantastic family bathroom means establishing a space that works for the whole household. As well as making sure everyone gets out the door on time in the morning, your bathroom should provide a calm and luxurious space to relax at the end of a long day. To help you maximise your design practically so you can spend less time worrying and cleaning and more time doing what you love, we’ve put together a handy guide on what to consider when planning your space. Our expert tips and ideas should enable you to achieve a beautiful, long-lasting bathroom that’s a pleasure to enjoy spending time in.


Choosing The Ideal Basin

As the part of your bathroom that probably sees the most use, choosing your perfect basin is a great place to start when designing a family-friendly interior. We would always recommend selecting a design that combines your sink with a stylish storage vanity, as you can never have too much storage in a busy bathroom! Opting for a wall-hung style is a great way to make a compact bathroom look more spacious and can leave room to keep a handy stool below.

If you’re fed up with queuing for the sink in the morning, then you might want to consider investing in twin basins. Though twin basins demand a bit more space, they can certainly speed up your morning routine whilst looking incredibly luxurious and stylish. Bear in mind that a sink with lots of nooks and crannies like a countertop or semi-recessed design will be more fiddly to clean.

The final part of selecting your ideal sink is choosing a tap. Mixer taps are much safer for small children and can be more convenient for everyone to use. Separate temperature controls are generally simpler for kids to get to grips with than a monobloc tap. Deck mounted rather than wall mounted taps will also be that bit easier to reach. A chrome finish is one of the easiest finishes to clean and maintain. Giving some thought to choosing a great, family-friendly sink and tap combo will undoubtedly pay off in the long run.

The Perfect Tub For Your Bathtime Routine

Whether you’re a fan of a relaxing soak or you much prefer an invigorating shower, a bathtub is generally considered a must-have in any primary bathroom space. Even if you don’t have young children, getting rid of your tub could detract from the value of your property should you choose to sell your home.

In a compact bathroom, an over-bath shower design can be the best way to maximise your use of space. However, a glass shower screen could make bathtime rather awkward. A folding screen or shower curtain can provide a successful compromise. Alternatively, if you have room for a separate bath and shower, you may still want to include a handheld showerhead alongside your tub to add functionality and speed up hair washing.

Storage, Storage & More Storage!

Storage is a must for any bathroom, but in a hard-working family space, including enough storage could be the difference between a cluttered nightmare and achieving the peaceful and practical haven you’ve always dreamed of. We’ve already mentioned that under-sink vanities are ideal for making the most of the space beneath your basin, but there are plenty more ways to introduce fantastic storage to your bathroom.

Wall-mounted cabinets are easy to accommodate in both large and small bathrooms. From sleek handleless and mirrored styles to classic shaker cupboards, there are a variety of designs available to complement your space. As well as providing you with handy extra storage, they are great for keeping medicines and cleaning products out of reach.

You needn’t feel obliged to keep all your bathroom items out of sight. Shelves are great for creating an attractive display while storing everything from towels and loo rolls to your favourite perfumes and candles. To get your kids in the habit of tidying up, it’s worth including some storage that little ones can reach. Stylish wicker baskets are ideal for keeping toys and bottles of bubble bath neatly tucked away.

Don’t Overlook Luxury

Practicality is inevitably an important part of creating a fantastic family bathroom, but that doesn’t mean your space has to end up looking like the kid’s playroom. A family bathroom should be just that, a space suitable for all the family, and that includes creating a luxurious retreat for you to relax and take time out for yourself. There are plenty of great options available to ensure your design looks beautiful, as well as offering all the family functionality you need.

Large-format tiles are a great choice of wall covering as they are easily wipeable and have fewer grout lines to worry about cleaning. The breath-taking Carrara Marble effect tiles below undoubtedly create a plush and sophisticated ambience. Tiles with a subtle pattern can also cleverly help to hide toothpaste marks and sticky fingerprints.

When choosing your flooring, it’s essential to opt for something slip-proof and highly resistant to splashes and spills. R ratings and PTV ratings are designed to help you understand the slip resistance of your tile. Sheet vinyl, LVT tiles and ceramic or porcelain floor tiles are all fantastic choices and come in a variety of gorgeous styles to perfectly elevate your design.

To complete your space and add a final flourish of luxury, make sure you consider your bathroom lighting. Introducing stylish accent lighting inside shower niches, below your vanity, along the bottom of your bath or around your mirror will add another dimension to your space, perfect for setting a cosy and tranquil ambience when your main lights are turned off.



With a bit of careful planning and extra thought, there’s no reason why you can’t create a truly stunning and practical bathroom that’s adored by all the family. For more advice on achieving your perfect bathroom, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team. We’d be delighted to help bring your gorgeous new bathroom to life. You can call our showroom on 01444 647800 or email us at [email protected].

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