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The finishing touches in all of our bathroom projects are incredibly important to us at The Brighton Bathroom Company. That’s why we choose Bard & Brazier to supply the heated towel rails for most of our bathroom projects. Bard & Brazier are the epitome of British quality and style.

Sleek, elegant finishing touches

Bard & Brazier make heated towel rails and towel radiators of exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Attention to detail is what Bard & Brazier are exceptionally good at. Many of their designs hide valves, bringing heated towel rail solutions that look remarkably elegant.

These items of beauty come in a range of styles from distinctly modern and minimalist designs to truly classic. They bring a luxurious edge to bathroom design, which is why we are such big fans.

At the cutting edge of modern design

Bard & Brazier leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating state of the art designs for contemporary homes. Their unique range of concealed wall mounted towel rails are beautiful, clever and bring a luxurious edge to any bathroom finish. These exquisitely minimal floating rails bring complete flexibility to custom bathroom designs and are an effortless addition to any bathroom.

Made in England with world-class materials

Sticklers for detail, Bard & Brazier make all of their products in England from world-class materials to ensure a superior product with a superior finish. In a range of glamourous designs, a Bard & Brazier towel rail brings a quality of finish like no other.

Handcrafted by artisan craftsmen, every rail is given the same care and attention as the last. Manufacturing every individual internal and external component ensures exceptional quality throughout. The highest-grade silver soldering ensures strong jointing for an unmatched superior product.

Handmade in a size to suit your bathroom design

The Bard & Brazier towel warmer ranges come in standard sizes, or can be designed to any size to fit your bathroom perfectly. Crafted with precision, these are towel rails that can make the difference between a good day and a mediocre one. A Bard & Brazier towel radiator is a thing of beauty no luxury bathroom should be without.

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