7 Finishing Touches To Elevate Your Bathroom Design To The Next Level


A beautifully designed, characterful and stylish bathroom creates a wonderful hidden gem within your home, and here at The Brighton Bathroom Company, it’s what we specialise in. We’re experts in bringing luxurious bathrooms bursting with creativity and individuality to life, and every design we create is perfectly tailored to you and your home. Our gorgeous bespoke bathroom interiors transport you from the everyday to the extraordinary so you can relax and unwind in your own unique world. To take your bathroom design to the next level, our experts have put together a guide to some of the finishing touches you simply must consider including in your new space.


Stylish Taps

The fittings in your bathroom are what ties the whole design together, and while they primarily serve a practical function, they certainly shouldn’t be overlooked in terms of their potential to give your design an edge. Providing a more cool and contemporary alternative to on-trend luxe gold fittings, black taps and shower accessories are hugely popular with our clients this year. Minimal wall-mounted taps embody modern elegance as do sleek and slender high-rise taps. Dedicating attention to the style and finish of the practical features in your bathroom is undeniably a fantastic way to enhance the design credentials of your space.

Warm Glowing Lighting

Your bathroom should be a place to de-stress and unwind at the end of a long day, and there’s no better way to achieve the perfect ambience for relaxation than with soft and calming lighting. Integrating LED lighting behind a piece of artwork, a mirror or beneath a row of shelving is a clever way to add a warm glowing dimension to your design. The lighting below reflects across the wall to beautifully accentuate the earthy, bohemian colour palette used in this tranquil bathroom.

Luxurious Wood Flooring

Nothing communicates classic luxury quite like a rich natural oak floor. While you might assume that wood flooring is a no-no in a bathroom, good quality luxury vinyl floor tiles can provide an impressively stylish and practical alternative to real wood. The herringbone pattern floor in the spacious master bathroom below creates a truly breath-taking impact when paired with a collection of exquisite traditional fixtures and accessories.

Additional Furniture

When you consider the features you expect to see in a bathroom, of course, the standard sanitaryware such as baths and sinks are what first spring to mind. However, if your bathroom is big enough, introducing additional furniture into your space will immediately create a chic and exclusive feel. Opting for a chair or stool with an upholstered finish will bring a soft and sumptuous touch as well as providing an opportunity to further develop your unique colour scheme.

A Bold Pop Of Colour

Perhaps still traumatised by memories of the dreaded avocado bathroom suite, many homeowners tend to avoid introducing colour into their bathroom. However, successfully establishing a vibrant and playful bathroom colour scheme is certain to set your interior apart from the rest. In the flamboyant bathroom below, colour has been used with incredible sensitivity to establish a cohesive aesthetic despite the bold contrasts. Orange and coral hues work together in harmony while a vivid turquoise cuts through the warming tonal shades. Picking up on colours from the patterned tiles unites the palette with the design to create a purposeful aesthetic. You can find out more about how to introduce colour to your bathroom by clicking here to read our previous article.     

Metallic Details

The subtle lustre of a metallic finish will instantly elevate your space, bringing a luxurious edge to your bathroom design. Whether you introduce textured gold tiles to part of your wall or a copper backing to an alcove, using metallic accents sparingly will add an understated and sophisticated touch of indulgence.

A Statement Mirror

Including one or two statement pieces in your design is a fantastic way to elevate your space and give your bathroom a real sense of character. Instead of opting for a typical mirror, see if you can find something unique that complements your interior. Alternatively, you might consider hanging a beautifully framed piece of artwork. The brilliant mirror below has been upcycled from an antique dressing table and works perfectly alongside this quirky Victorian style bathroom.


At The Brighton Bathroom Company, our designers give meticulous care and attention to the finishing touches of every interior they create, taking our bespoke bathrooms to the next level. With their unrivalled knowledge and expertise, our talented designers bring functionality and style into perfect harmony to create truly exceptional bathroom spaces. If you’d like to find out how we can transform your bathroom with a stunning bespoke design, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing [email protected] or click here to book a virtual design consultation.


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