Injecting Colour Into Your Bathroom


There’s certainly no shortage of creative & innovative ways to introduce colour into your bathroom. Whether your tastes are for more subtle, lighter tones or your preference is for bolder, more prominent colours which take centre-stage, you’ll want to give careful consideration to the way you use colour throughout your space. We’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to provide you with some colour-related inspiration & ideas for your own project…


Wall Colour

Painting the walls of your bathroom is perhaps one of the more obvious ways to inject colour into your space. Painting every wall can be particularly striking & impactful, especially when opting for more dramatic darker shades that are proving ever more popular with our clients. A completely painted bathroom may not be for everyone though and, if you are looking for something more mellow, it may be worth considering an alternative way of introducing colour to your space. If it’s character and individually you’re after though, look no further.



Patterned tiles continue to be a popular choice with our design professionals here at The Brighton Bathroom Company and, with their intricate detail and incredible colours, it’s easy to understand why. These striking electric blue tiles (below) combine perfectly with the more neutral shades in this contemporary project to inject real energy and character into this space.

If you want to make a design statement, consider bringing tiles part-way up the wall to create a wainscoting effect. You can embrace this technique whether you choose colourful or more understated tiles. Opting for partial tiling allows for the introduction of colour on the wall which can be refined and broken up by white or neutral tiles. The impact can be as strong or as minimal as you like, depending on the height of the tiling. In the bathroom below, we ‘ve introduced just a hint of baby pink to soften and add femininity to this industrial, vintage bathroom. Metro tiles – similar to the ones used in this project – have featured in many of our designs over the last couple of years and are a faultless choice if you want to achieve a truly timeless look.


Feature Walls

Picture or feature walls are a more unique way of injecting colour into your space. They’re also a fantastic way of bringing your own personality to your design. Like patterned tiling, a picture wall provides the flexibility to be exuberant or more delicate depending on your tastes. More flamboyant patterned wallpaper can be very dramatic, creating an impressive & unforgettable look for your bathroom. The textured picture wall below brings a touch of sub-Saharan Africa straight into our client’s Sussex home.


Bathroom Furniture

Freestanding bathtubs have long been associated with luxury and sophistication and continue to remain popular in 2020. The blue bath in the master bathroom below perfectly complements the beautiful black and white tiles. With a vast range of colors and tub shapes & sizes to choose from, there are now more options than ever before when it comes to including a freestanding bathtub in your design.

Vanity units are another great feature to introduce an accent colour into a space. This opulent and alluring lilac double vanity unit subtly enhances the depth of colour in the muted grey tiling, drawing your eye through the room. Vanity units in sophisticated darker colours make for stunning bathroom features whilst not overpowering the design.

In addition to traditionally practical bathroom furniture, other soft furnishings such as armchairs or benches can be introduced to add colour and texture as well as providing an opportunity to express your personality and showcase your favourite design pieces.



Other elements of your bathroom to consider when looking to introduce colour include heated towel rails. A flash of colour here can be a really contemporary and unique way to include your accent colour.

Likewise, inbuilt shelving alcoves provide an excellent opportunity to use colour in a really bespoke way. Consider using a bolder colour for a more contemporary look or, alternatively, opt for something more subtle with mosaic tiles to add timeless character to your bathroom.

Further items to embellish and increase the vibrancy of your space include artwork and houseplants, both of which have been highly popular bathroom additions over the last couple of years. Introducing houseplants creates an urban oasis bursting with life when contrasted with minimal industrial features. Adding houseplants to a warm, natural-toned space will bring a calming energy to your bathroom.


If you’ve been inspired by what you’ve read and you’ve got a new bathroom project you’d like to discuss with us, please don’t hesitate to contact our award-winning design team. You can give us a call on 01444 647 800 or email [email protected]. Our showroom is now open by appointment only – you can see further details on our safety measures now by clicking here.



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