At the Brighton Bathroom Company, we always seek out the best in contemporary bathroom products to bring our forward-thinking bathroom designs to life. That’s why Flaminia is a luxury bathroom brand we absolutely love to work with.

Inspirational Italian design

Effortlessly cool in every way, Flaminia bathrooms are an Italian brand of bathroom furniture and sanitaryware that is appreciated all over the world. The entire production takes place in the Italian province of Viterbo, with two factories in Civita Castellana, and one in Fabrica di Roma.

All Flaminia products have been designed by the best Italian designers and interior architects. The collections are truly inspirational. Flaminia work with many of the world’s greatest talents, including Nendo, Jasper Morrison and renowned architect, Giulio Cappellini.

Sleek bathroom solutions

Flaminia are renowned for their sleek bathroom solutions. Flaminia bathrooms make a strong architectural statement with their fabulous range of basins, WCs, bidets, bath-tubs, shower systems, taps and bathroom accessories. Many of the Flaminia bathroom ranges display geometric rigour and clean lines perfect for modern, minimalist living. We love the Acquagrande collection, which is rapidly becoming iconic in modern bathroom design.

Fresh and creative luxury bathroom products

Flaminia aren’t confined to one design aesthetic. They push the boundaries in bathroom sanitaryware design at every level. Designs with a softer aesthetic include the Bonola range. We think the pedestal basins in the Bonola range are simply stunning. For those with a love of the flower-power seventies era, Flaminia’s Doppio Zero basins resemble an oversized ceramic cake pan and will most certainly bring a fun element to any bathroom design.

Refined style with sensuality

The Nuda and NudaSlim collections exude elegance and a sensual form. This range manages to retain a geometrical shape, but quite brilliantly without a rigid definition. It’s pure genius for those wanting a modern aesthetic without geometric overkill. The soft and sinuous lines of the Nuda range offer a more feminine edge to bathroom design.

Revolutionary aesthetics and function

Flaminia guarantee the best possible quality in all products using advanced technologies and the finest craftsmen. Revolutionary features such as the GoClean® technical solution for hygiene, makes toilet cleaning simple and rapid. This innovative technical solution has eliminated the toilet rim and uses a controlled amount of water with each flush to optimise hygiene, and make cleaning easier.

In addition, Flaminia’s Plus system technology simplifies the replacement of old bowls by keeping demolition work to a minimum. It makes bathroom remodelling more straightforward as new toilet bowls can be mounted on pre-existing discharge systems. Flaminia love to push product design boundaries with aplomb, and that is why we love to incorporate them into our designs.

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